There are several ways of giving feedback on the app and its test sessions both in a formal and informal way! Below are some of the methods you can get in contact with me:

  • Online Survey - Hosted by Jisc this is a private and confidential way of leaving feedback, although I will read each one I might not have time to respond in an email. This is a way of providing difinitive feedback
  • LinkedIn Group - Have a LinkedIn account? Perfect, this group works similarly to a Facebook group but is on LinkedIn instead. Feel free to post pictures, videos ask questions and more in a relaxed setting
  • Discord - Like a more relaxed Slack, and you don’t need an email address to get started, a temporary account can be setup if you want to drop some fast feedback. This is also a great way to get announcements delivered right to you in no time flat! Plus it has the ability to do conference calling (with video and screensharing). Come and check it out: