Frequently Asked Questions

So over the course of this project so far I have had a few questions occur over and over again and I thought here was as good a place as any to answer some of those for you here!

If you have questions feel free to leave them in the comments below!

Will it come to Android?

Not at the moment no, sorry. This app is being developed as part of my final year project on a Electronic and Computer Systems Bachelors degree, as such I only have so much time to develop the app (masters students have more time as they have fewer modules) so I could only concentrate on one version of the app. And since I’m deep into the Apple ecosystem at this point it only made sense to go with iOS development.

I do like Android and my previous phone was the original Google Pixel so if I decide to take this further then an Android version may be on the table

My old Google Pixel

Will you open source the app?

The whole app? Probably not. There’s a lot going into a project like this and I don’t think it’ll ever be ready to be shown publicly. However, there may be aspects of the project open sourced at a later date, if I feel like parts of the project could be useful for other people as well

You’re using CloudKit (iCloud), any reason why?

Ease on my part. Running servers and databases that are up to the task of holding sensitive data securely is beyond the scope of this project. I am being graded mainly on the app itself so why reinvent the wheel? Doing it on CloudKit also means that you are responsible for your own private data, not me, meaning that I won’t have to worry about keeping track of where data is going, Apple handily does all of that for me so you can keep on top of your data yourself without having to come to me! And best of all is because of the way CloudKit works, I will never be able to see your data stored in the private database which is just a nice extra layer of security!

As I mentioned earlier though if this does ever make its way to Android then I will have to look at using another service. I want one that is reputable and secure with minimal tracking outside of what data we need to make the app work. So I might look at making my own solution at that time

Written on 24 February 2020 at 16:11
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