Why Plumbob?

The name was chosen after asking a few people about how they would name something like this app. A few names were shortlisted including: Pinnt (for its similarity to the word Pinned, which was already taken), Meeting Maker (for its descriptiveness) and Person of Interest.

These others were rejected however people agreed that the name should be short and catchy, one word. Pinnt and Plumbob seemed to be the two that people reacted most positively towards. Pinned was a favourable one of mine as it makes reference to the drawing pins that are commonplace on multiple mapping applications for denoting a selected location. But why did Plumbob get chosen instead?

The Sims 4 Plumbob

Plumb Bobs (also plummet), for those unaware, are an instrument that is used to check that a construction is as close to vertical as possible. They are hung at the end of a string and have a pointed end that is aimed towards the ground. In some rough outlines for the project I thought that the use of a pin above someone’s head might look a little strange so instead I opted to go for an arrow instead. This then sparked the mental comparison to the Maxis developed video game “The Sims” in which characters are identified by a diamond shape above their head known as the Plumbob!

People seemed to enjoy the reference and so it became the favoured between the shortlisted options and so it shall remain for now

Written on 08 November 2019 at 15:26
Categorised as: meta
- Written by jrmswell